Energy Bars

Energy Bars

Crispy Energy Bars

These little bars are great pre, during or post training. They contain oats for a nice steady slow release of energy, Rice Krispies for a quicker release energy, Honey for a super quick release of energy, peanut butter and nuts for protein – great for recovery and also for some added calories and healthy fats.

My Iron man and cycling clients love these, they are also a great snack pre training/gym work out if you don’t have time for breakfast.

Crispy Energy Bars

Makes 12 small bars


1 cup oats

1 cup rice crispies

handful raisins/almonds/cashews/brazil nuts/pecans – whatever you wish to use

Half cup of honey

Half cup of Peanut butter natural no added sugar

little bit of salt to taste

**You can also add 2tbsp of raw cocoa powder for a bit of extra chocolateyness and energy.


  1. put the peanut butter in a bowl with the honey and put in microwave on high for approx 30 secs
  2. mix in all the other ingredients, it should be thick and quite pliable, add more oats if not.
  3. press into a grease proof paper lined tin and put in the fridge for an hour
  4. cut into bars and cling film them, store in fridge.



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