Weight Loss & Sport Nutrition

It was by sheer luck I found Holly on Facebook last September and one of the best things that’s happened to me!

I ran a lot! I previously ran 26 marathons, trained 5 days a week but could never lose weight. I thought a diet was eating less, eating salad how wrong was I! I would often try one of my diets, lose a pound after 2 weeks then give up as the starvation I had just went through didn’t produce the results I wanted.

Then I met Holly and she changed my whole way of eating. Healthy delicious foods, foods that fuelled my running and kept me feeling full. Foods that were easy to make and a plan easy to follow. My whole family joined in and they loved the meals too.

My energy levels went up, my weight went down. In 3 months I had lost over a stone and never once did I feel hungry.

My main ambition for all this was to decrease my marathon times and qualify for the Boston marathon, yesterday I did just that! I ran a PB by 15 minutes!! Previously I always struggled from mile 20 onwards but the program and strategy Holly gave me fuelled me to the max and I never felt weak as I had done in the past.

Holly is a gem, extremely knowledgable, helpful, understanding and supportive. Without her I would never have achieved any of this.

If you are considering contacting her for help consider no more, she is different class!!!