Weight Loss & Sport Nutrition

I had been eating what I considered to be a relatively healthy diet. Running 4, sometimes 5 times a week, always active – I always felt I was never fuelled properly for running, cycling, sailing or snowboarding holidays. Having major blood sugar drops, feeling faint, tired after a day at work standing all day and feeling generally pretty rubbish!

I would run on injurys, punishing myself because I was not happy with the extra weight I had put on over a course of time before hitting 30! Eeek! Turns out after my food diary analysis there was a lot of bad habits that I was harbouring!

I got in touch with Holly @ It’s Nutrition to see if she could help, “fuelling better for sport and all round feeling healthier and fitter” was my objective!

And wow! What a life changing difference!

I eat more than I ever ate! But only of the right healthy balanced foods, the food is amazing, ive always liked healthy food but when I came in from long days at work some nights freezer was best!

The recipies are all planned out by Holly, making it so simple! The “food bible” as I call mine,  guided me what to order in my weekly shop, recipes on how to make it and when to eat it!

I now run sometimes only once/twice weekly just for fun instead of for punishment (unless I’m training for an event).  I am much stronger I dont feel the same relationship with ” I must run because I don’t like my body!”  This is massive for me!

I now have a body and food life style I can be proud of! Thanks so much Holly for shaking me up and re-educatating me on the simple concept of a balanced life! Commitment pays! Best thing I have ever done!!