Weight Loss

Thank you Holly for guiding me in the right direction in terms of healthy eating plans and the insight into what I was putting into my body.

Before I started my journey I weighed in at 13st 8lb and had the worst eating habits. I would happily eat multiple packets of crisps, umpteen bars of chocolate in the evenings and feel sorry for myself afterwards. A work colleague of mine recommended Holly to me and, once I had got my head around the fact that I needed to change, I was addicted.

Shortly after I started eating healthier and drinking more clear fluids I could feel the benefit. I had more energy, my skin felt better, I was sleeping better and the weight was coming off at an acceptable rate.

All of the meals are tasty and if there is something on the menu you are not sure of, tell Holly, and she will swap it for you.

Holly was there all the way through guiding me in the right direction and was always full of encouragement.

Thank you so much Holly for showing me the way to the start of my new healthier life.