Fuel for Sport & Weight Loss

My back ground is formerly rugby (upto Internation Level) and also boxing. I now run marathons and the occasional ultra if I can fit it in.

I first visited Holly @ it’s nutrition 9 weeks after meeting with a consultant for lower back pain, we had decided on a weight loss approach to ease the load on my back as I was still running long distances.

The first move with Holly was to fill in a 7 day food diary, I was quietly confident as I am Vegetarian and thought there was not a lot wrong with my diet (oh dear!) not the case and after my debriefing from Holly I was really gutted but determined to take it all on board and start my first week plan.

The first week went great, easy to make food and good on the palette, shopping took a little longer due to buying different foods and by passing the processed stuff, but I could already feel it making a difference.

In 8 weeks I lost 10.6kg or 24 pounds, this also had a knock on effect into my training, bringing my off road trail runs from 9 min 45 sec per mile to 8 min 32 sec per mile.

I  honestly believe this is the biggest life change I have made in my life, I am losing weight at approximately 1.5kg per week with no hardship and really enjoying the food on my plans.

I feel energised and have twice the get up and go now and feel like I can run forever during the long miles.