Fuel For Sport & Weight Loss

When I recently undertook an Ironman challenge, I was aware of how proper nutrition was an essential element in my preparation. My diet at that point was not too bad although I found that with an increase in my training volume I was constantly hungry and was regularly snacking on anything I could get my hands on. I was keen to lose some weight to help with my challenge and I was also looking to increase my energy levels if possible.

Holly was recommended to me by a friend and after initial contact was made I was advised to keep a food diary for a week. Upon review, Holly identified a number of areas for improvement. I advised Holly of what my goals were and together we agreed that Holly would review my progress on a weekly basis and provide me with complete weekly meal plans together with all required recipes. Holly also advised me what my target weight should be.

Once a week I was weighed and was provided with a meal plan for the coming week. Holly was able to adapt my meal plans to suit my training / events programme and also for personal taste. Over the course of the next ten weeks I was able to reach my target weight and found that my energy levels had greatly increased. Holly provided an excellent service and was always available to answer any questions or give advice. Her assistance was extremely important in enabling me to successfully complete my Ironman challenge.

I would thoroughly recommend Holly to anyone looking for nutritional advice and also people undertaking sporting challenges or endurance events.