Weight Loss

It’s Nutrition is amazing.  From the moment I met Holly she was friendly and very easy to talk to, I opened up and was very open and honest about my eating habits.  She carried out an initial diet analysis which showed me all the wrong aspects of my diet, which shocked me.  You don’t realise how bad it is until it’s written down in-front of you. I struggled with what type of food I was eating and to be honest I was eating at the wrong times; no breakfast and then binging at lunch time. I didn’t have much energy which didn’t help trying to drag myself to the gym.

Following on from this, we had a discussion on what I liked and what I didn’t like.  I LOVE pizza, which normally isn’t the best for someone watching what they eat BUT Holly sorted me out with healthy alternatives and even now her ‘healthy pizza’ is one of my favourites to make for a healthy meal which tastes like a treat.

Sometimes I felt she was my agony Aunt, she was always there to speak to and to ask for advice nothing was ever too silly to ask.  For those who have lost a lot of weight you will understand it’s not only a big change to your body/weight but it has an impact on you mentally and Holly was always there to listen to me, regardless of what it was about, as she understood it was all part of my journey.

I lost 5 stone in just over a year with Holly’s help and can’t thank her enough for the support, listening to my moaning and being there for me through this time.  I now have a better understanding on foods I should be eating and shouldn’t.  Although I also know that if I’ve had a bad day, maybe eating copious amounts of chocolate etc. that I shouldn’t make myself feel too bad and just carry on with the plan, as normal and it’ll all work out.  You shouldn’t have an unhealthy relationship with food, it’s there to help our bodies and to help with energy levels etc.

I miss Holly but all the advice and guidance is still with me whether it’s when at the shop or out for dinner.  All in all it was actually very easy, the food was easy to prepare and VERY delicious and we still use the recipes now.

Thank you Holly, with your help you have honestly changed my life.