Food Education Classes


For Business

Maybe you manage a company and want to give your staff the opportunity of learning what to eat to boost energy levels, increase concentration and promote improved general health therefore reducing sick days and making your team more efficient and productive.

For Sports Clubs

Maybe you run a sports club and would like your participants to gain some understanding on how they should be fuelled to get the most from their training/events.

For Groups of Friends

Maybe you are a group of friends who are fed up with trying diet after diet and are looking to improve your knowledge of nutrition so that you can step away from “diets” and learn how to eat in a sustainable, easy and tasty way.

It’s Nutrition can help, we tailor make our food education classes to fit the people we are speaking to. A selection of the items we can cover include:

  • How calories, carbohydrates, protein, fats and sugar work within the body.
  • A basic overview of what our body needs for fuel and how this can effect every part of our day to day lives.
  • How our nutrition can impact on our work performance and how to improve this.
  • Meal ideas for breakfast, lunches, dinners and snacks.
  • Sport specific nutrition classes aimed at local sports clubs.
  • How to lose weight in an easy and sustainable way.


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