The first step

Eat too much, or not enough?   Feel tired or bloated?   Eat too much sugar, fat and processed foods?   On a diet but not losing weight?


A diet analysis can help us to assess your current diet, if you are gaining enough vitamins and minerals from the foods you eat, if you have enough fibre in your diet to aid digestion, if you are drinking enough water to keep your body hydrated and working at its optimum level.

We need a full over view of your eating habits, exercise and lifestyle before we can create an eating plan for you.

Fill out the Contact Us form, we will then send you an Assessment Form and the 7 Day Food/Exercise Diary for you to complete – HONESTY IS CRUCIAL!

This will enable us to get a good over view of where your eating habits are at the moment, how active you are, what your nutritional goals are and an insight into your lifestyle.

From this information we then break your current diet into:

  • Calories

  • Fat

  • Saturated Fat

  • Sugar

  • Carbohydrates

  • Protein

You will receive a detailed over view of your current diet with analysis of each of the above in a simple to understand format along with recommendations for you to change and improve your current eating habits.

This is also the first step to our personalised diet plans. Once we have analysed your current diet, we will then create a new plan for you based on your lifestyle, favourite foods, nutritional goals and training programme. It will be nutritionally balanced and full of all the components your body needs to function at its optimum level.

Not local? Diet Analysis can also be done via email.

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